Back to the Basics thru Love

Taking the time to return to ourselves and back to the basics allows us the space to remember ourselves as love. It offers the time of validation while allowing love to flow effortlessly within our space. Love becomes shared in each action in the day because it is apart of us, and the constant universal flow is limitless. Taking the time to get grounded, and connect with present time allows us to connect with our essence of love. It allows us to revisit all we came in this incarnation to create for ourselves. It brings the power to manifest our goals in present time. It returns the energy from past and future to help us create in this moment. The basics allow us to say ” hello” to ourselves thru meditation or reflection. By saying hello today,  with the basics returns us to ourselves as loving, creative, powerful, spiritual beings…

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Finding peace in the unexpected

My Sweet Dharma

It was two o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was high and the air still. The bandwagon had turned into an oven on wheels. After reaching the repair garage we all literally crawled out as soon as we could. The AC was broken.

No problem, half an hour, says the guy, you wait, you have some chai.

This month I have been travelling through South India with Vivian’s band, Vidwan, during their February tour. I’m having a blast documenting it all, recording the gigs and in betweens, band rehearsals and goofing around in the backstage.

Keeping up with a regular yoga practice is challenging on the road and the first weeks have taught me the essential yoga-on-the-road-in-India tips.

Find peace in the unexpected. After chai and waiting and more chai, it took roughly two hours to get the band wagon back on the road that day. It was another reminder for…

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